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Some articles on this website may contain embedded material (for example, videos, images, articles, etc.). When you embed material from another website into your own, it works exactly the same way a visitor would access the original website.

These sites may collect information about you, use cookies, embed third-party monitoring, and observe how you use embedded materials. They may also engage third parties to track how you interact with embedded content. If you have an account on the site and are logged in, they can also monitor how you interact with embedded content on the pages you visit.


Who do we share your information with when we do this?


If you have forgotten your password and need to reset it, the email explaining how to reset it will contain your IP address.


How long do we keep your data before we delete it?


If you leave a comment, the comment and any information related to it will be kept indefinitely. Therefore, any follow-up comments are immediately detected and accepted, instead of waiting in the moderation queue like previous comments.


When a user registers on our website, we store all the personal information he provides in the user profile associated with his account. Users can view, update or delete their personal information at any time (except they cannot change their username). Site administrators can also view and change this information.


What can you do with the knowledge you have?

Suppose you have an account on our website or leave a comment on an article we publish. In that case, you can request a file containing all the personal information we have, including any information you provide to us. You also have the option to ask us to delete any information we have stored about you. This does not include information we must retain for legal compliance, administrative necessity, or personal security reasons.


Destination of your information?


Reviews left by visitors may be subject to spam filtering with services such as SpamAssassin.

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